R0563 Diamond Ring
S7035 - Diamond Goldteeth
CR-0141 Diamond Ring
CJ-0220- Diamond Pendant
DP3998- Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant
TVJCH120 1.75mm Bead Chain
GP0014 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Charm
Start the production on your custom diamond pendant here. Featuring the latest diamond manufacturing techniques we can make the wildest custom jewelry idea into a reality.
Take custom silver jewelry to the next level by mixing silver, gold, cZs, diamonds and gemstones to create the most elaborate jewelry for rock bottom prices.

Custom <br>Rings
The sky's the limit for our custom men's and women's rings. We'll turn any image into an everlasting work of art.
Custom <br>Crosses
Custom crosses can be made with incredible detail and exotic materials. If you can think of it we can make it.
Custom <br>Earrings
Custom studs and earrings with assorted colors and settings. Create your custom piece here.
Custom <br>Bracelets
Custom bracelets are right here. Start with Toni bracelets or go exotic by making custom skull heads or whatever else. Pair your bracelets with a custom gold necklace.
Custom <br>Watches
Custom bezel on Breitlings, Rolexs , hand settings on Cartier. Our diamond watch customization is second to none.

TVJ68563 - Diamond Flower Ring with Black Rhodium Plating
JDSP-652195 Ladies Diamond Cluster Pendant
TVJ20826C 25mm Tube Hoop Earring
S161602-1 6 Piece Top Or Bottom Grill With Diamond Cuts
Goldteeth TVJ-4057

BLC-E-0016 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Earring
BLC-E-0014 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Earring
BLC-E-0022 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Earring
LDW160202-2 Ladies Diamond Bezel Watch
TVJ64632 Genuine Sapphire & Diamond Anniversary Band
SSP171503-6 Sterling Silver Floating CZ Pendant
Custom Jewelry
GX0015 - Diamond Charm
Gold Caps /Grillz
S2530037 6 Gold Teeth
One of our finest custom jewelry productions ever. This diamond pendant features hand-picked graduating diamonds with both black and white diamonds and gold. The production process includes over 30 different parts to assemble - no sweat for our expert jewelers.

P161108-7 Sterling Silver CZ Leaf Pendant
Gold Caps /Grillz
C109 Round Diamond Letters in Pave setting
Gold Caps /Grillz
Goldteeth TVJ-4048B
Gully TV is an excellent example of how to make an intense personalized diamond pendant for a very reasonable price. The secret is gold. Use a polished gold surface to increase the size of your personalized pendant and mix in diamonds. This way you get a large pendant without spending thousands on a huge carat weight.

Custom Jewelry
CPY1514-1 Custom Diamond Pendant
Custom Jewelry
R-0059 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Ring
Discontinued Products
Earrings CE-3981 Diamond Silver Earrings
If you want to sum up our custom jewelry work in one phrase, it would be attention to detail. Our diamond setters, 3D modelists, and wax makers have a standard of work that make Faberg eggs look mediocre. Throw in a matching diamond chain and your jewelry becomes world class and uniquely yours.

JD Exclusive Collection
CJ11614-1 Custom 10K Yellow Gold & Diamond I Phone 6 Case
Custom Jewelry
P0295 - Custom Diamond Cross
Custom Jewelry
TVJ69532 -Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings
View the details of our custom jewelry work by clicking on any image on this page or category. Every curve and line is precise. Our skilled jewelry team is standing by to start creating your enduring work of art.

Custom Jewelry
Diamond Clarity
TVJ68356 - Semi-Mount Engagement Ring

Custom Jewelry
Diamond Clarity
CJ-0216- Diamond Pendant

Custom Jewelry
Length Appx 34-
FSH0002 - 3 mm Franco Super Hollow

Gold Caps /Gril
Gold Type 10K
CPG3003 Eight Teeth Grill Six With Enamel

Custom Jewelry

Carat Weight Ap
GW0037 - White Diamond Watch

Goldteeth TVJ-6036
1) Goldteeth TVJ-6036
TVJ68362 - Black & White Diamond Anniversary Band
2) TVJ68362 - Black & White Diamond Anniversary Band
CR-0178 Diamond Ring
3) CR-0178 Diamond Ring
N0346 4.3mm Solid Franco Chain
4) N0346 4.3mm Solid Franco Chain
CJ-0306 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Charm
5) CJ-0306 - Johnny Dang Custom Diamond Charm

Custom Jewelry Hulk Diamond Pendant 61769
Released On 12-28-2016


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